Artist:堀内結 / Yui Horiuchi
Material:紙に水彩 / Water color on paper
Size:384 x 267 mm (Sheet) / W: 345 mm H: 460 mm D: 30 mm (Framed)
Story:『FROM BEHIND』シリーズには、様々な容姿の女性、場所が登場していますが、そこには同じひとりの「彼女」が存在しています。ある出来事をきっかけに、『FROM BEHIND』シリーズを描くことは、作家にとってきわめてパーソナルな、そしてかけがえのない行為となりました。


まなざしを保つことは、対象との関係性を保つこと。 作品を通じて、作家の「彼女」へのまなざしを感じること。 「魔法のような感覚」を想像すること。そして、自分にとっての「彼女」を見つめること。 皆さまにそうした感覚をご体感いただければ幸いです。

Although a series FROM BEHIND represents women in different looks, in different places, “she” is always a same person. A sad event as a starting point, drawing a series FROM BEHIND became very personal and irreplaceable behavior to the artist.

When I drew a women from behind
I learned I had lost a friend of mine
As I remember the time I had spent with her
Women in my paintings became a reflection of my friend
I can see her, even though she has gone
It was like a magic
Restarting a career of painter was also magical to me, who had quit it once
I am filled with enthusiasm for the creation
She maybe came to tell it to me
And I want to paint her
(Yui Horiuchi)

To keep eyes to the object is having a relationship with it. Feel the artist’s gaze at “her” through her works. Imagine a “magical” sense. Look at “her” of your own. Her pictorial world invites you to make an imaginary journey in your own inner feelings.

Other:額入り / Signed and framed
ユニークピース / Unique Piece

堀内結 / Yui Horiuchi
東京都在住。幼少期をワシントンで過ごす。雑誌のイラストから大型作品まで幅広く手がける。女性の後ろ姿を描いた「FROM BEHIND」が代表作。近年ではアニメーションにも挑戦中。

Yui Horiuchi
Lives and works in Tokyo. Spent her childhood in Washington D.C. While Horiuchi's main focus is painting and drawing, her artmaking expands to incorporate a wide range of work from magazine covers, large scale installation projects and animation works. Her signature series “FROM BEHIND” is a series of drawings of women as pictured from behind.


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