If your voice is heard, I'll begin to walk


Artist:田中良太 / Ryota Tanaka
Title:If your voice is heard, I'll begin to walk
Material:キャンバスにアクリル / Acrylic on canvas
Size:14 × 18 cm

Other:作品証明書 / Certificate of Authenticity
ユニークピース/ Unique Piece

田中良太 / Ryota Tanaka


2018年 シェル美術賞2018島敦彦審査員賞受賞
2021年 FACE2021入選
2021年 第三回公募富山県アートハウスおやべ現代造形展入選

Ryota Tanaka
Born in 1983 in Saitama, lives and works in Tokyo.

Ryota Tanaka, expanding his artistic activities through frequently organized solo and group exhibition, now runs also a long-termed project, “Geruorutana”, artist collective alternative space, as one of three artist founders from 2011. Through a period “split screen” called by himself that was from 2010 to 2014, his work became characterized by its blank contouring the four corners of canvas. According to the artist, he leaves blank in order the painting to distinguish the boundary between imaginary and all others. Having interest into a quantum mechanics and particles, his painting assumes the character of a device to suggest that depicted image is a painted world but also can be identified as a canvas, pigments and even the background.

In 2018, he won the Atsuhiko Shima judge prize, Shell Art Award. In 2021, he was selected for FACE 2021 Art Award, and for the 3rd Art House Oyabe Contemporary Plastic Art prize, Toyama Prefecture.

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